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Will you share with us the big cake of Chinese Funeral and Interment£¿
Can we found the first training center together of Chinese Funeral and Interment£¿
Jion us. Let's create a new brilliance with your capital and our professional training

Intention of cooperation: investors are welcomed to create a better future hand in hand
Capital requirements: RMB 2 million Yuan
Shares percentage: 30% of the shares of this project

        Chongqing Full Stop Marketing Plan Co., Ltd. is the first 4R marketing plan company in China. The company is specialized in cemetery (graveyard or memorial park) marketing planning, cemetery sales agent,  cemetery talent training (cemetery sales agent training, monumental inscription and carving designer training, cemetery engraver training,, cemetery marketing planner training, cemetery etiquette planner training). The company has offered solutions for many cemeteries in China, and has a good reputation in the industry.
        There are lots of commas and exclamation marks in life; however, there are nothing more than the burning joss stick, the soil and the tree at then end of life. With the aim of “satisfying the two world”, Full Stop integrating the establishment of enterprise culture and brand promotion with simple cemetery sales. It works hard on creating the high-end brand of cemetery industry, developing loyal customers, and establishing good reputation, enterprise image and service concept. The company is familiar with excavating the extended service of other companies, and will strive to develop a perfect cemetery industrial chain.
      Full Stop planning mission: to help each kind of cemetery or memorial park to get around brand marketing bottleneck, and realize rapid development
      Full Stop planning vision: to help enterprises to avoid detours, waste of time and resources, and to improve success rate in order to achieve the maximal benefit with minimum input in the development process.
      Full stop planning strategic positioning: the leading cemetery and memorial park brand marketing system solution provider.
      Planning advantage of Full Stop
1. It is the first agency specialized in cemetery and memorial park brand marketing planning and sales in Southwest China.
2. It is the only brand marketing planning advisory agency that can be a partner of the customer. The service fee is linked up with performance.
3. It pioneers the nanny service of marketing planning for cemetery and memorial park in China, and improves the plan executive effect over 10 times.
4. It has an expert team consist of veteran and senior experts specialized in policy, brand, planning, exhibition, activities, design and psychology, as well as senior cemetery, graveyard and funeral house managers, marketing directors, senior internet pushing hands and journalists.
The main business includes:
A. cemetery marketing planning: to help cemetery and memorial park to establish strong brand with super lower cost with the most scientific and practical brand construction theory.
a, brand positioning
b, strategic planning
c, planning and execution
d, customized services
B. Cemetery sales agency: we are committed to offer professional sales agency service relying on strong capability and practical experience.
a, work out and execute cemetery and memorial park sales plan;
b, train, organize and manage sales team of cemetery and memorial park;
c, take full charge of pre-sales, sales and after-sales issues;s
C. Cemetery talents training: the trainees will get steady job with high salary easily after accepting our practical and skillful education given by our experienced teachers with standard teaching materials. And we can arrange a job for each trainee.

1. Training majors£º

Course title

Class hour per day



Sign an employment guarantee contract; setting minimum salary

1, golden cemetery seller training 45 days RMB 19800 Yuan£¨3000 Yuan paid equals to 6000 Yuan£© 1, role positioning of cemetery seller minimum salary 4000+
2, basic knowledge for cemetery industry
3, sales team establishment and cemetery seller values building
4, sales etiquette
5, cemetery marketing planning and advertising
6, reception procedure
7, others
2, monumental shadow sculptures and carving designer training 45 days 15800 Yuan£¨3000 Yuan paid equals to 6000 Yuan£© 1, Photoshop 3, vented scribing
2, inscription lettering design
3, vented scribing
3, monumental shadow sculptures and carving engraver training 60 days 16800 Yuan£¨3000 Yuan paid equals to 6000 Yuan£© 1, know about robot and its usage minimum salary 5000
2, understand the relation between the size of drill and the depth of inscription
3, tiled tombstone inscription and standing tombstone inscription
4, common inscription letter design training, art inscription letter design training, shadow sculptures design and training and artistic cemetery design training
4, cemetery marketing planner training ( free park manager sales course presented) 180 days 30000 Yuan 1, brand positioning minimum salary 100,000+ per year
2, strategic planning
3, planning and execution
4, customized services
5, cemetery etiquette planner training 90 days 22800 Yuan 1, manners minimum salary 100,000+ per year
2, etiquette
3, appearance
3, appearance

B. Certificate
The qualification certificate will be issued to the graduates with qualified graduation performance, which is valid nationwide.
Intention of cooperation: investors are welcomed to create a better future hand in hand
Capital requirements: RMB 2 million Yuan
Shares percentage: 30% of the shares of this project
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